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Accommodation Reservations
Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly

Please be sure to read the ROOM RESERVATION POLICY below .

Submitting a request is not a guarantee of reservation.

You can also email questions to us - click here!

Reservation Request


A.     Reservations will be accepted from the first day of camp for the coming year, with the current camper having first choice.

B.     A reservation for a specific cottage cannot be guaranteed unless the reservation is made for at least a ten-day stay.

C.     Mooers Camp reserves the right to assign a cottage for a future year prior to camp and to notify the lodging supervisor of that reservation.

D.    Reservations must be made for specific dates. 

E.    Confirmation of reservations must be made 30 days prior to camp.


F.    A non-refundable reservation fee of $25 will be required 

G.    All camp-owned accommodations must be clear of personal belongings at the conclusion of each camp season. 

Camp Accommodations

Camp Map.jpg

Camp Map

Camp Accommodations available for Reservations


1:  Camp Cottage

2:  Camp Cottage

3:  Camp Cottage

4:  Camp Cottage

5:  Camp Cottage

7:  Camp Cottage

8:  Camp Cottage

9:  Camp Cottage

10: Camp Cottage

11: Camp Cottage

12: Camp Cottage

13: Camp Cottage

14: Camp Private Room

15: Camp Private Room

16: Camp Private Room

17: Camp Private Room

18: Camp Private Room

19: Camp Private Room

20: Camp Private Room

21: Camp Private Room

22: Camp Private Room

23: Camp Private Room
24: Camp Private Room

25: Camp Private Room

28: Camp Cottage

30: Evangelist Cottage

31: Evangelist Cottage

32: Chef Motel Camp Cottage

70: Dining Hall Rooms

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