Mooers Camp Meeting Association


Dr. Thomas Kinnan

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Tom comes to us with a depth of knowledge and experience.  With 44 years of pastoring, and 48 years of ministry, Tom brings a depth of knowledge as well as a tenderness and compassion to his presentations.

Good Shepherd Ministries

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Worship Leader

Angela Breeding


Sharing her love of God through Worship!

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Gabe Ernst


“I will go. Here I am, Lord. Send me.”

World Gospel Mission Missionary to Paraguay

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Lane Loman

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Lane Loman has served in pastoral ministry for 23 years, Lane has now traveled 34 years in itinerant revival ministry speaking and singing in 15 denominations and 50 different denominational and independent camp meetings. 

Loman Ministries

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Worship Leader

Dave Pettigrew


A community seaking God and serving others. 


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Special Guests


Rejoice Trio 

Rejoice Trio 2022.png

very summer KMBC singing groups travel all over the country to camps and churches, ministering to people and encouraging believers through song and testimony.

KMBC Rejoice Trio

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