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July 29th - August 9th, 2020

Services Daily at 10:30am & 7pm

Ministry Team 2020

Jared K. Henry

Pastor Jared K Henry has been the Lead Pastor at Mackey Church of the Nazarene since July 2018. Pastor Jared was born-again at 8 years of age and sanctified wholly at a camp-meeting when he was 18 years old right after graduating from High School.

After answering a call to full-time pastoral ministry he went to college and worked on a degree in Bible & Theology. He married Sarah in May of 2002 and then graduated from Bible College in December of 2002. Pastor Jared and Sarah have two children (Jacob & Hannah) and serve the Lord together in ministry.

Tom Kinnan

Dr. Tom Kinnan has been married for 46 years to the love of his life, Kathy. Together, they have two married children and seven grandchildren. Tom studied in Israel as a part of his undergraduate work, participating in archeological digs as well as class work. He has been mentored by Dr. Wilbur Williams, an Old Testament professor at Indiana Wesleyan University and a veteran of 162 trips to Israel including many significant archeological digs.


Dr. Tom has continued to return to Israel through the years. He has also gained a depth of knowledge and experience from having served in ministry for 46 years, 42 of those years as a pastor. Tom travels nationally and internationally speaking and introducing people to a deeper understanding of Christ. Tom is known for his insights, humor, and challenging teaching while being tender and compassionate in his presentation

Gene Mattox

I am a Christian seeking to follow God’s will. That being said, I center all of my life around how it affects my walk with Jesus. In the past few years, I have developed skills in teaching and preaching. My goal in life is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. It is not that I am fanatical, but that I have brought my life in line with the work of Christ in my life. In short, I am a person who wants my life to count for Christ in every aspect. 

I have been called to fulfill the second part of the Great Commission so my students can fulfill the first. The Great commission has two parts—to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and to teach them to observe all that Jesus commanded. I am training pastors and Christian workers in the college—the second part of the Great Commission—so they will be better equipped to go out and minister to others and bring them to Christ.

My primary ministry at the Christian Union Bible College in Papua New Guinea will be serving as a teacher, assisting the faculty and staff teaching and preparing the national pastors. The courses range from basic Bible and Inductive Bible Study courses for individual books of the Bible, to Church history and theological studies. The curriculum also includes leadership and spiritual formation courses.




Song Evangelists
Bob & Becky Gray

For 4 decades, Bob & Becky Gray have been in full time ministry for the Church of the Nazarene. They began that journey in Oklahoma in the area of Youth and Music. God then lead them to Atlanta, Georgia. In 1981 they began a career in Song Evangelism which took them from coast to coast and border to boarder. In 1988, Bob helped to plant a church in Georgetown, Texas. Then in 1997 they re-started their Evangelism career. Their church plant experience opened the opportunity to plant an International Church in Berlin, Germany. Upon their return, the door to evangelism remained open and they have continued on the road ever since. They have not traveled to 5 continents and over 40 countries. 

Bob and Becky Gray have spent their entire careers leading people in meaningful worship. For them worship is not a matter of style, but attitude – an attitude of the heart that says, “We desire to worship the Lord in Spirit and truth!” They are surrendered to letting His praise flow through them. Their focus is on Christ, not the crowd…on worship, not performance. 

Galatians 2:20 is the verse which their ministry is based upon, 

“I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live. Jesus Christ now lives in me.”





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